Frequently Asked Questions

We truly believe no one should miss an opportunity to leave a message for his loved ones even after he has long gone. The purpose of Messender is to give people the right tool to digitally store their wishes for their loved ones in the form of text message, photo, audio and video to be delivered at a desired date or at a specific event time in the future.

Event based messages are delivered on the day of an expected future event. If you are gone by the date of that event, release of event messages will be triggered by the Trustees you appointed.

Date Based messages are delivered automatically on a specific date you decide.

To restore your access to your account in case you forget your password. Additionally, you can use it to login once you verify it as an alternative to your email address.

Recipients are people whom your future messages are intended for.

Trustees are people who confirm your death when the day has come and triggers the release of your messages to their recipients.

Stored Messages are the messages created by you to be delivered on a specific date you decide or when a significant event happens whose date is unknown yet.

Received Messages are messages that has been left for you and already delivered.

Messages that you accepted to be responsible for the delivery. These messages are from the people that you agreed to serve as their Trustee.

Death Reports are requests Messender might ask you if a user is alive or dead. That’s because you agreed to serve as his Trustee.

It is a time period set by you to instruct us to contact you if we find you inactive within this time period. Once we detect that you have been inactive, we will start sending you proof of life emails/notifications to ask you if you are is still alive.

You can keep your messages even more secure in app level by enabling Passcode Lock from app settings.

By requesting a password reset code to your email or phone following “Forgot my password” link.

We hope that nothing bad happens to you for a long time. But if it will, Messender will confirm your death by asking your Trustees. Thus, once we receive the confirmation, your event based messages become deliverable. This means messages those do not require a trigger from your Trustees will be released right away while others will need to be triggered by appointed Trustees.

After you create your message and assign a delivery date, there is no any manual procedure we do for its delivery. Messender will automatically launch the delivery through its well tested technology when the right time comes.

We periodically run numerous manual and automated tests to make sure everything works as expected. As long as you are sure that you assigned the right recipients to your messages, the rest will be handled by Messender as expected.

We will not store or collect your payment card details. Available payment methods are:

  • Credit Card Payments
  • Apple Store In-App Payments
  • Google Play In-App Payments

For storage needs over 5GB, please contact us.

If you lose your phone, all your data and messages are stored in the cloud storage, which means you can always retrieve by logging on a new device with your account.

If you lose access to your account, you can request a password reset code to your email or phone following “Forgot my password” link.

As long as you have a premium account, your data and messages are safe. If you are reported dead, from that time on your data will be stored for 20 years.

Your Trustees are responsible for the delivery of your messages; therefore, they need to be aware of them. But only intended Recipients will be able to view the contents of your messages they receive.

Your data and messages are stored and secured on distributed cloud storage.

We have no control over the content you upload to our Service, meaning we do not review content you create on our Service. Thus, it is solely your own responsibility what you choose to upload on our Service. This also applies for the people you assign as your Recipients and Trustees on your own account.

Messender will only collect your personal data you stated in registration such as email address, first name and last name and phone number. For other some of collected data please refer to Privacy Policy.


Your trial period is about to expire To continue using Messender, please, upgrade your account using the app

Your trial period is about to expire Please, upgrade your account using the app

Your trial period has expired To continue using Messender, please, upgrade your account using the app

Your trial period has expired Please, upgrade your account using the app